2023 Red Dot Open Call

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Activated: 04/18/2023
Deadline: 05/19/2023
Call Summary
Red Dot is the Contemporary at Blue Star's signature fundraiser, raising vital funds to support the breadth of our programs. The Contemporary believes in the transformative power of the arts. Artists participating in Red Dot are investing in the Contemporary and contributing 50% of the sale of one of their works to the museum. 50% of art sales go back to the artist. Funds raised through Red Dot help the Contemporary to support artists of all ages through education, professional development, and exhibition programs. Approximately 100 artworks are on sale each year at Red Dot and the fundraiser plays a key role in nurturing the health of our creative ecosystem and sustaining a venue for contemporary art.

Red Dot includes a one night event–October 4, 2023, 6-10pm–where collectors, artists, sponsors, and art lovers celebrate and artworks are sold, and the subsequent Red Dot Show in view to the public October 6, 2023- January 7, 2024. Works remain available for purchase the entire run of the fundraiser, through January 7.
Budget Description
Selected artists will have ONE of their artworks on view in the Red Dot Art Sale and Show.
Red Dot 2023 runs October 4, 2023-January 7, 2024. Work must remain on view the entire run of the show.
If artwork is selected 50% of the proceeds go to the Contemporary and 50% to the artist.

How artists participate:
Artists participate in Red Dot by contributing one artwork for sale. The work will be on view in the Red Dot Art Sale and Show. Artworks are selected by the Contemporary's curator. Participating artists donate 50% of the sale of their work to the Contemporary to support its non-profit mission.

Artist participate with one of the following designations:
Invited Artists- Artists who are invited by Contemporary to contribute one artwork for sale based on their submission of 3-5 artworks. The work selected is one of the works from the Artist's submission. Work is selected by the Contemporary's curator and if sold, 50% of proceeds go to the Contemporary and 50% to the artist. The selected artwork is sold through the Contemporary.

Collected Artists- A collector commits to purchasing a work by an artist in ADVANCE of the event and by the collector deadline. This work is sold through the Contemporary with 50% of the proceeds going to the Contemporary and 50% to the artist. The collected work DOES NOT hang in Red Dot, but a secondary work is selected by the Contemporary's curator for inclusion in the event. This secondary work must also be available for purchase with 50% of proceeds going to the Contemporary and 50% to the artist.

Project Description
Artists are responsible for delivering their work. Works must be exhibition ready, meaning they are ready to hang with the appropriate hardware and instructions if needed. Works will be delivered to Contemporary at Blue Star by the artist. If artwork does not sell the artists is responsible for picking up their work.
- Have at least 5 years of relevant experience and/or specialized arts training, such as a degree or certificate.
- Demonstrate a clear investment of time and resources into their artistic practice and/or derive a portion of individual earned income from their artistic practice or areas related to their field.
- Have professional portfolios that include publicly displayed and possibly published works.
- Must not be a current student.
- Must currently reside in Bexar County and/or conduct a significant portion of your artistic practice/outreach in San Antonio, or has exhibited at the Contemporary in the last 5 years.

*please note Red Dot is a FUNDRAISER and not a part of our exhibition program, thus the Contemporary does not cover production, finishing, or shipping/delivery costs for artworks included in the fundraiser. It is at the artists discretion if they choose to submit older, existing works or newly completed work.
Application Requirements
Resume: 2 page(s) maximum
Work examples: 3 - 5
Artist Statement: 300 word maximum
Artists are NOT allowed to apply in teams.
Selection Information
Selection Process
Artwork is selected by the Contemporary's curator in a single round review of all the application materials.
Selected works are also shared with interested collectors. Collectors choose which works they wish to collected in advance of the event. Should an artist's work be selected by a collector the Contemporary's curator will choose a secondary work from the application to hang in the show.
Selection Criteria
Red Dot is a fundraiser, and the Contemporary is first and foremost grateful to all artists who wish to support the organization by donating 50% of a possible sale of the work to the organization. We are humbled to have more artist who wish to support than there is wall space for physical works and than we can welcome to this popular event. In the selection process we consider a multiplicity of variables, some considerations include (but are not limited to) the following:

-Salability of the work.
-Potential for collector matching.
-Craft, content, concept
-Works alignment with organizations mission and exhibition programming.
-Entire Red Dot sale offering a diversity of style, media, concepts, price points, perspectives.
-Artist representation including race, age, gender, career level.
-Artists ongoing relationship with the organization and wider San Antonio art community
-Artists professionalism, including the care taken in developing work and presenting in past exhibitions and/or the care taken with crafting their application if emerging artist
Application deadline May 19, 2023, 11:59pm.
Artist Notification June 2023
Artwork delivery to the Contemporary August 25- September 1, 2023
Red Dot Installation by Contemporary staff September 2023
Red Dot party October 4, 2023, 6-10pm (selected artists receive 2 tickets)
January 7, 2024 Red Dot Closes
January 10-12 Artwork pick up by artists for any unsold works

Additional Resources
Contact Information
Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray
Curator and Exhibitions Manager
116 Blue Star
San Antonio TX 78204 United States
(210) 227-6960
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